Ryding-Regency was established in 1983 by Mr. Joe Petronaci, as a boning operation. In 1991, it expanded its operations with the acquisition of its present slaughter facility.

Executive Summary and Background

Today, Ryding-Regency Meat Packers Ltd., a HACCP-certified plant, is the third largest federally inspected beef processing plant in Ontario. Its 55,000 square foot beef slaughtering and processing plant provides more than 65,000 head of cattle annually, along with 4,000 veal calves, and 4,000 lambs. The company, which employs 135 unionized workers, has over $90 million dollars in annual sales.

Availability of Labour Supply

Ryding-Regency's urban location is perfectly situated to attract a large number of hard working employees.


Ryding-Regency's current market consist of major grocery and food service chains across Ontario and Quebec and the U.S. central and eastern seaboards.


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